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Friday, April 09, 2010

Sandwich Boxing Club


Last night we visited Sandwich Boxing Club to take some pictures. I had a few goals for the evening - as always making things difficult!

  • I wanted to make sure we had a couple on 'nice' pictures of everyone. By nice I mean a reasonable portrait that your Mum or your girlfriend would like.
  • Light the portraits so it didn't look like the gym
  • Get some training shots - again including everyone
  • Do all of the above in less than one hour

We did fairly well and I am delighted with the results. As always there are a number of learning points, the Studio lights once again played up, they only want to fire every other time when triggered by the Elinchrom Skyports. We ended up setting them to slave mode which seemed to work ok. I really need to investigate to find out what is going wrong. The Nikon Speedlights on the other hand performed perfectly.

We also took too long to set up, we had a boom arm with counterweight which does its job well but is a real pain to set up. It is also a nuisance when you wan't to adjust the power output of the flash on the end of the boom. I think I will have to get a nice set of Quadra Rangers.

As always there are a few more images on DoverDesign - at the moment these are pretty unprocessed.


Lance C 1:28 pm  

very well lit. Nice job!!!
DO you mind me asking what the lights run US currency?

Alan 2:12 pm  


Thank you!!

The studio lights that I use are very cheap - they are Interfit products which I don't think are available in the US but they are similar to this sort of set up.


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