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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lightroom File Handling Workflow

A few people have asked about our basic file handling workflow so I thought I would post it on here.

To simplify file handling and allow folders to be backed up easily I prefer to create a new Lightroom catalog for each project. The benefit is that it creates a standalone back up which can be stored externally and accessed from any machine. I am not saying this is the right method or best practice but this is what I do.

1. Create Folder in Pictures Directoy named YYYY-MM-DD with description ie: 2010-10-18 Sharon and Brian Wedding.
2. In new folder Create new Folder - RAW
3. Manually copy files from Memory card to RAW folder.
4. Drag main folder to Places in Finder sidebar. (This step makes things easier in Lightroom)
5. Lightroom - Create new Catalog (File/New Catalog)
6. Select location for Catalog as the new folder ie: 2010-10-18 Sharon and Brian Wedding.
7. Import RAW files from newly created folder into light room.
8. Process files in Lightroom
9. Export JPGs into specific folders within master folder. eg. Blog Exports, Facebook, Hi-res, Lo-res
10. Copy new Folder to external drive and initiate back-up to secondary drive. (I use Sync LE)


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