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Monday, August 10, 2009

222/365 Alton Towers


Alton Towers, the old and the new.


Alton Towers, what a fantastic theme park... but there is a problem, the place is an up-selling rip off. The first thing that irritated me was being told that we had to pay to park. You have already paid a small fortune for your tickets (£36 per adult) then you are expected to pay £5 to park. The other rip off is the fast passes, having sold body parts to pay for your tickets you need fast passes to ensure you get on all of the 'big' rides. Another £12 per person!! I was shocked about the sales tactics of the ex-double glazing salesman they employ in the ice cream shops - the lengths they go to up-sell a cornet beggars belief. As I said at the start of this Alton Towers is a fantastic day out but it would be nice if we could all just pay once for a fair day out.


Hotter Than... 5:19 pm  

I love the window. The ivy growing around it really gives it a sense of age.

Mari 12:53 am  

I love that window too! Gorgeous shot!

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