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Friday, August 08, 2008

Are you going to France?

After a smooth trip to the docks - well what else would you expect? - we boarded the ferry and made our way to the Club lounge. A perfect day for a crossing the most difficult decision was tea or coffee - the next major problem was trying to stay awake. Close to us a couple of young girls were starting to strike up a friendship. they stood looking out of the forward facing port holes and one said, "Are you going to France?" it made me smile anyway. On to the French road system, a much beter picture than last year we cautiously approached our first peage booth and headed for the 'reserved' lane. After last year's horrendous trip we had noticed how easily and quickly cars with the toll tokens got through. I made it my mission to try and get hold of one of the Liber-t tokens prior to this years journey. You can order on line for a 30 Euro deposit and a 2 Euro charge for each calendar month that you use the thing. Each toll you pass through then gets billed to your payment card. We drove closer to the barrier and the little plasic box stuck to the inside of the windscreen beeped reassuringly and the barrier lifted. I now look forward to my chace to queue jump!! After a comfortable stop in Clermot-Ferrand we set off again, our intention to stop at the Milau Brige. After a couple of hours driving we followed the signs for the Milau Aire and drove into the car park of the visitor centre. A van was trying to turn around and some other cars were blocking the path. I saw the opportunity to dart passed the jam but sadly ended up on the exit road. Unfortunately this was a single concrete sided carrigeway with opportunity to stop or turn around. Feeling a complete plonker we rejoined the auto-route and will have to visit the bridge on our return. We safely arrived at Canet after a five hour journey and it felt like home from home. Within an hour the car was un-packed the kids had hired bikes (160 Euro!!) and the fridge was stocked with beer and wine.


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