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Saturday, October 31, 2009



Having a plan for your daily picture is the key to success. I knew that tonight we would be inundated with trick-or-treaters - I even went to the shop and bought bags of sweets. Well it is now 10:30 and we haven't had a single visit - if the door goes now I am not going to answer it. So, the only choice is pictures of the chocolates - or what is left of them anyway. Tomorrow's plan A is to have a plan B.


Mari 11:44 pm  

It's 7:45 here and no trick or treaters here either - except my 2 nieces! My hubby will eat the candy though. :)

Kim 3:42 am  

No trick or treaters here, either! What's up with that? I'm glad we splurged and bought the good candy because I sure don't want to be eating the cheap stuff for the next week or so! ;-)

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