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Wednesday, December 30, 2009



Do I or don't I? Photo a day has been a real challenge for me but lately has become a bit of a chore. In the winter I don't really get out of the house much except for walking the dogs. This means that my daily picture ends up being taken late in the evening of some boring household object. I am in a real quandry about continuing next year.


Lance C 10:28 pm  

come on, see how long you can go....

and I may have picked your top 5 too early. I love this shot!!! Another mystery novel in the works!! I love the dark, warm colors and not many of us remember the dial tele either ;)

DaddyNoBucks 4:11 am  

Great lighting.

Your dilemma is shared by others, likely by everyone who has undertaken this challenge. We can all categorize the types of days we experience while embarking on the journey…. I hope you decide to continue because you do great work that’s admired by others.

Eric Dustrude 4:41 am  

All this one needs is a hand or foot on the floor and it'd be a great opening to a police mystery.

Lance C 5:46 am  

agreed, I can think of 5-6 days off the top of my head that I took the lens cap off, walked around the room and snapped a shot.

Eric, yes hand or foot, but how about a bloody handprint going down the wall...I am sure Alans wife would love that ;)

colin 3:59 pm  


I agree with Lance, a lovely picture full of intigue. Rumour has it that Miss Marple is on the case.

colin 4:02 pm  

I have now got my glasses on, I meant to say intrigue.

Alan 5:44 pm  

Thanks all - I hope they don't look under the patio!

Happy New Year!

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