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Monday, November 16, 2009



As I put on my left shoe yesterday I felt an obstruction - I pushed a little harder like you do. I was struck with nausea and dizziness - well not quite but I did feel something sting my toe. I pulled my foot out of the shoe and it was followed by a big angry bee. I hopped around and grabbed my camera - the bee should have been yesterday's picture but it was very stroppy. Anyway that's why yesterday's picture was rubbish, so on to today. My toe is swollen like a sausage - my wife said a chipolata! I did take a picture but I really don't like feet so I photographed my shoes. For those of you who are worried my foot is swollen but I think I will survive...


Hazel 10:25 pm  

more like a cocktail sausage Alan x

M Coleman 12:32 am  

What a terrible surprise! I once found an obstruction in my garden gloves, but our little lizards don't bite nor sting! Hope you feel better soon!

DaddyNoBucks 1:14 am  

Ouch, that sucks!

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