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Friday, February 05, 2010



What a strange couple of days I have had. Yesterday I was ready to finish the photo a day project - today I found out that I have lost my job. A bit depressing given the circumstances and the fact that I had been there for the last 29 years. I would like to name names and express my opinion but best I don't for the time being. I will document my experiences in the near future - it could be a whole new series for David Brent.

Anyway, after losing my nice comfortable well paid job I walked down to the Millennium Bridge to take a few pics before heading home...


Langleyt 9:51 pm  

Marley ate your pass card holder! Sorry :(

Mari 11:17 pm  

This is a great shot! The sky and that wonderful building in the background really make a great photo.
I'm so sorry about your job. You would think that after being there for 29 years you would be safe. Hoping something else comes up quickly!

Michael Oshins 12:52 am  

The mood of your shot is certainly appropriate.

Laura 3:43 am  

Well...I wish I knew something amazingly encouraging and appropriate to say...
I love the photo and agree that the mood of the shot is appropriate.
I don't know what your work has been, but clearly you posses much discipline, kindness and talent. I can't imagine that you wont find a way to turn the mood of this day into something new and interesting....

DaddyNoBucks 5:01 am  

Alan, I'm very sorry about your job. Hang in there, something good will come your way.

Si 8:25 pm  


Sorry sorry to hear about your job, I hope you find something soon. You never now it might be the start of something new and exciting.

Excellent capture too.

Take care Si

Alan 7:37 am  

Thanks everyone for your kind words.

Oz Girl 11:40 pm  

I am so sorry! But perhaps it will open up a whole new world of opportunities for you... perhaps something to do with your photography, which is marvelous! :)

Eric Dustrude 4:04 am  

So sorry to hear about the job situation - that's a tough one.

One door closing, another opening?

Look into the book: What Color is your Parachute a resource that really got me going when I lost mine.

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