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Wednesday, February 03, 2010



This was very nearly project fail for me. I completely ran out of time and ideas then noticed the cheese grater so ended up pretty much copying a picture I did last year. The colour comes from light bounced off a red biscuit tin lid and a blue plastic bag.


DaddyNoBucks 1:16 am  


susanvg 2:13 am  

Trying to figure out what it is - but either way - neat image.

rbs 9:45 am  
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Michelle 4:16 pm  

I am not sure if I would have been able to guess this was a cheese grater if you didn't tell us.

I keep telling people that you can find interesting shots in boring objects and this is living proof of that.

Laura 7:44 pm  

I remember that picture! I think artistic license allows you to make the "copy". :) I love the colors in this one...

Mari 2:04 am  

I remember this from last year. This picture appears to move when you scroll down the screen I like it!

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