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Thursday, March 26, 2009

085/365 Cheese Grater

082/365 Cheese Grater
As the sun set tonight the sky looked really dramatic. I grabbed my gear jumped into the car and headed off into the sunset! I drove around for twenty minutes or so until I lost the light completely, came home and in desperation took a picture of a cheese grater. Well it was that or the beer bottle which is now empty. I am so looking forward to the clock change which will give us the lighter evenings and hopefully more opportunities. The reality of course is there will be more time for doing more jobs so I will still be snapping kitchen utensils and dog grooming aids.
Time for another beer.....cheers


Christina 9:32 pm  

This is a great photo!
Hope your assistant is behaving! ;)

Hotter Than... 9:34 pm  

Only 2 more sleeps till the clocks change.

If you hadn't told us it was a cheese grater, I'd never have known. Great photo. Look forward to the dog brushes.

Alan 9:56 pm  

Hotter than - see here :-)

Christina - no comment ;-)

M Coleman 11:21 pm  

Cheers to you, too! Our time change is already in effect, but it doesn't help me much either!

This photo is awesome - love the textures! Bring on more kitchen utensils - you make them a work of art! :)

Mari 2:24 am  

Very cool picture!

Eric Dustrude 5:26 am  

You have a way with the simplest subjects - keep 'em coming!

Tim D. 8:21 am  

Yes, I agree, you make the ordinary look very interesting and cool! Sorry you lost the twilight tonight but I'm glad you found the cheese grater!

Oz Girl 12:22 am  

Ah, but you photograph cheese graters and dog grooming aids in such a creative and imaginative way! ;-)

Devonne 11:12 pm  

love it! I had no idea it was a cheese grater. amazing.

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