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Friday, March 27, 2009

086/365 Barfrestone

083/365 Barfrestone No excuses today, off work with little planned. My wife suggested that I should photograph something old... the clothes in my wardrobe or maybe the mother in law? What she really meant was something historical from the local area. I found myself in Barfrestone where the 12th Century church was an obvious subject. Unfortunately 365 luck was following me so of course the heavens opened delivering a fantastic example of British weather. Before getting soaked I did manage to get a few snaps which can be seen on Flickr.


Misola 6:42 pm  

Wow!! Stunning picture!!

M Coleman 10:56 pm  

perfect angle - love the historical perspective, too!

Oz Girl 12:25 am  

What a lovely old church. I so love old stone buildings, and the older the better. So much history. You got some stunning angles, beautiful shots of this building!

Kim 2:58 am  

A very moody shot! Nicely done!

Mari 3:19 am  

What a great picture! I'd love to visit here!

susanvg 3:20 am  

Would love to see this myself. It's a great shot - nice textures and the rain gave you the reflection of the door.

Kimberley 3:51 am  

I would come visit England, and you, to see this door in person. Lovely! Happy weekend, Alan!

Lance C 1:59 pm  

I love the view from ground to door height. Lighting must be from the street lights?

Hotter Than... 8:04 pm  

LOL @ mother-in-law comment. Think you made a wise choice to go with the door. The weather has been crap and it's set to stay. Still it did make me chuckle - posting about being thwarted by the weather is so British. Nevermind that the rain adds a beautiful reflection. No. It pissed it down ;)

[¯Ô¯]njoy 11:50 pm  

Your posts have just enough humor. Great photograph today (and every day for that).

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