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Saturday, March 28, 2009


084/365 A long time ago I was into skateboarding - I was OK at it but didn't have the 'no fear' attribute necessary to be really good. My son came in this morning with this board, his friend has leant it to him in a bid to get him into it.

Nothing to do with the picture at all but we went to the cinema to see Marley and me tonight. It made a nice change to get out as a family. After getting over the shock of the ticket price - we only wanted to watch the film not purchase shares in the company - we settled to watch the film. I knew it was going to be sad and it really was a weepy ending - many red eyes were visible when the lights came up at the end.

So I was a wimp at skateboarding and cry at sad films...


[¯Ô¯]njoy 11:52 pm  

I look forward to seeing Marley and Me, although I may have to see it alone if it is a tearjerker. Everything from the row of grass to the lines in the bricks points to the board. Excellent photo, beautiful colors :)

Mari 12:43 am  

I love this one! The contrast between the skateboard and the bricks and the beaten appearance of the board. Excellent phto!

M Coleman 1:16 am  

Looks like this board has seen its share of use! Love the stripes in it which line up nicely with the brick structure - great color, too!

Eric Dustrude 5:29 am  

Don't know much about wimps, but you do make nice pictures.

Hotter Than... 8:47 am  

Great photo with beautiful lines and structure. Eric's right,you do take great photos.

colin 6:56 pm  

Yeah you do take nice photos my mate, don't forget the Woodsy's boarding the Balmoral.


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