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Friday, March 13, 2009


Talking of inanimate objects...

Good intention faded into lack of time, mixed with a couple of glasses of red with dinner, result = Daffodil in a wine glass.

I like daffodils but I don't think I could drink a whole one.

Credit to the wine glass goes to Lance and to the fact that the bottle is now empty...


Mari 1:06 am  

Nice picture! I bet it wasn't easy to get the daffodil to sit like that.

Lance C 4:55 am  

I love the focus of the flower and the slight bokah of the glass. Nice shot, don't sell yourself short. I was just thinking today. we ahve 365 days, some will be snapshots and others will be a time consuming setup shot. This might have been somewhere inbetween? But nicely done.
thank you for the link

Eric Dustrude 5:38 am  

Nothing like a well behaved flower to get your creative juices flowing. I think the result is quite nice.

Tim D. 6:11 am  

Really cool! The glass makes a great "frame" for the daffodil.

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