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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

083/365 Happy Birthday Eric

080/365 Fifty!! Happy Birthday Eric .... It's his 50th today and his brother Tim asked for his 365 friends to try and shoot something with the 50 theme.


M Coleman 10:56 pm  

Neat shot - love the contrasts in colors and shapes! A similar greeting to Eric on his special day! :)

Eric Dustrude 11:49 pm  

Thank You!

And, it looks like you got to use your new flash trigger to create something a little different - thanks for taking the time!

Tim D. 12:08 am  

Nice shot! I love the sun on the edge!

Mari 1:00 am  

Good shot! Happy Birthday to Eric!

Oz Girl 1:49 am  

Yup, that definitely screams 50!! Lovely shot.

And we lucked out yesterday, the storms ended up being pretty mild for the most part. :)

Michelle 3:02 am  

Impressive shot. I love how artistic most of you pictures are. I'm a fan of the close up. :)

Lance C 4:14 am  

Once again you pulled off a great shot of the birthday boy's theme.
This was composed nicely.

Hotter Than... 8:24 am  

Splendid. Great shot.

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