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Sunday, March 08, 2009

067/365 Bob

067/365 Bob


M Coleman 10:31 pm  

Will always love dog shots - but the vista is neat, too! :)

Tim D. 10:58 pm  

I like his stance. (can you call it a stance if he's moving??) Anyway, he looks very sure of himself and determined. Not so determined as to look desperate or needy or anything. He's in control... he just WANTS whatever's out of the frame to the right, and he's gonna get it!

Mari 12:52 am  

Great picture, the colors, the lighting, the dog!

Oz Girl 1:31 am  

I always love dog photos, but this one is especially lovely with the small pebbles/shells in the foreground and the way he is running, great pic overall! :)

Kimberley 2:09 am  

Lucky puppy! I'd give just about anything to have toes in the water!

My word verification is perfect for a fine, Brittish gentleman..."proper!"

Sara G 2:42 pm  

Awesome photo!!
Love it.

Laura 3:36 am  

This is beautiful! It has such a pleasing aesthetic overall. I am in love with the colors...shades of orange and blue find a peace in the midst of the stark black and hints of white. Fantastic...

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