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Thursday, March 12, 2009


068/365 It is interesting where this project takes you. At the start I thought it would be much more a diary of my daily life but it quickly became much more photography, rather than subject based. I would never have believed that I would be spending so much of my free time taking pictures on inanimate objects. So much, that when I post a picture like today's I almost feel like I have let myself down - which is clearly stupid. I think part of this has come from joining the Flickr groups where we wax lyrical over out of focus pictures of bananas. I have learned a lot from some fantastic photographers but need a bit of a reality check!
Anyway, enough waffle. Today's picture was taken at Dog obedience classes and features my daughter Hannah and Marley, who collectively are very much stars of the show.

PS. Watch out for my out of focus banana - coming soon ;-)


Lance C 5:34 am  

This is going to be my life in one year. We will be getting our first dog and I am sure living with the trainiers.

Kimberley 10:36 am  

I adore you, alan, because you make me laugh! I too began with lofty notions of making 365 a diary, and some days I manage to do so--but not many. I also know that as the story unwinds it will change, and I can't help but feel that when we look back--even at the images that don't have significance--out of focus bananas--they are still a part of the plot!

Your daughter is beautiful! Does obedience school have anything to do with your glasses?

Oz Girl 1:51 am  

Very funny post, yet true! :) It is rather difficult to get the "great" shots everyday, and I was so mad at myself when I forgot to take what I needed on vacation to keep up with my "photo-a-day"... funny how something begins to consume you! It was probably good that I wasn't able to do it everyday while gone, and instead just enjoy my vacation... anyways, after all my dribble, I must say this is a very good photo of your "everyday" life. :)

Tina 2:42 pm  

I have also been influenced in the same way by flickr ;0) I started this to make myself take more pics of my family and have actually found myself taking less of my family and more of random objects. No matter...I have seen an improvement in my overall photography skill. Just can't wait for spring! I love your pics btw.

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