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Saturday, March 14, 2009

073/365 Curry

070/365 Curry
Curry - take away...


Hotter Than... 9:39 am  

That looks yummy.

Kimberley 12:54 pm  

What an interesting shot. Is there a mirror behind your take away carton? I LOVE the colors and the contrast between dark and light...there is something about the silver juxtaposed against the Pompei red! Lovely!

Eric Dustrude 6:06 pm  

The next shot should be the feasters all sprawled out on the couch with distended bellies.

Makes me hungry...

Alan 9:45 pm  

Hotter than - it was, and yummy too.

Kimberley - no mirrors involved, the background is just out of focus curry cartons. Your description is wonderful - you really should be in marketing!

Eric - I wouldn't have got the approval of the censorship committee and the business case for a wide angle lens is yet to be approved :-(

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