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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

069/365 Moon

066/365 Moon A bit of a throwaway tonight - out of focus and badly exposed but in mitigation it was dark and it's a long way away.


Kim 2:28 am  

This is lovely and powerful! Why do I suddenly feel like howling? ;-)

Lance C 4:41 am  

did you use a doubler on the lens for the moon shot??

and comment on your shot yesterday, "that has to be one of the most creative setups I have seen in a long time, you really think outside the box!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

Alan 6:35 am  


Lance - I used a 300mm lens and cropped quite a bit.

Kimberley 1:30 am  

I think it is perfect!

Mari 1:55 am  

I think it's great!

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