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Monday, March 09, 2009

068/365 Seeing Red

065/365 Seeing Red Regular visitors here will remember that I have an assistant who does my shredding. It appears he has learnt a new trick, after completing the morning's paperwork he ate my glasses.

Set up here


Tim D. 10:23 pm  

Oh no!!! I hope you can get that "assistant" trained on what's appropriate to chew and what's not! Ours chewed through the our gypsum wall board and through our vinyl floor covering among other things, but luckily for us, that phase didn't last long. Good luck!

Oz Girl 3:19 am  

Oh noooooooo! I'm sure you were none too happy to discover this! I am glad my dogs went thru very short chewing stages. :) I do love the photo however...

Kimberley 3:57 am  

I was looking for the set up! Hope you have a spare set of spectacles!!!!

I was just reading through my comments at capture...I'd love to hear about your brother.

Kimberley 4:03 am  

BTW~Cold Play is playing in Chelmsford in August...maybe I'll see you there!

Alan 11:18 am  

Set-up added.

Kim 2:26 am  

Yikes! Well, if you're going to do something, you might as well do it right! And he did! Love the set up for the shot. It made what could have been an ordinary picture and extraordinary shot!

Eric Dustrude 6:33 am  

Ewww - been there, had that done. My puppy chewed mine to bits too, case and all.

Didn't occur to me to make a nice photo of it afterwards. Good on ya making lemonaid...

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