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Friday, March 20, 2009

079/365 Not mine!!

076/365 Not mine!!


Christina 9:56 pm  


Eric Dustrude 11:29 pm  

My father-in-law, Jack, had one of these. His wife ended up with it and put a personalized plate on that read:

Anyway, it's a great angle and interesting color.

* Used to be Jacks

Kimberley 1:39 am  

Eric's comment made me laugh!!! Hope this one is yours. Makes me think of you in a more realistic way...a real man...with a real camera and a real job...and a real car...as opposed to thinking of you lovingly as a "robot" who takes lovely pictures.

You are my favorite...

Kimberley 1:40 am  

Did you lie belly down on the ground to get that one?

Lance C 1:51 am  

Kimberly, How big is his belly...
I love the warm tones!!!

Alan 6:30 am  

Christina - very!
Eric - hilarious!!
Lance, my belly is bigger than it was once but smaller than it used to be ;-)
Kimberley - lovely comments as always and I can assure you I am very real but sadly this really isn't my car...

I have struggled this week with other commitments. This is another example of a very average, hurried shot processed quickly in Picnik (not something I normally use) to try and make it presentable.

Thanks all - your comments really made me smile. Have a nice weekend.

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