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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Thursday 3rd May

A fairly steady morning at work - sat at my desk thinking about going to make a cup of tea. Hazel was in the lounge chatting with one of her friends.

I had noticed that the deaf feeling in my left ear was getting worse - starting to feel 'full' like when you are in a plane and your ear needs to pop. I knew immediately that I needed to get to the bathroom so attempted to get out of my chair. The room was spinning and I felt totally disorientated, I was unable to stand so crawled to the bathroom. I thought splashing my face with water would offer some relief but it didn't - I had to throw up. I sat huddled around the toilet in a sort of spinning hell - every time I moved my head the nausea hit me and I was sick again. I was effectively stuck and now sweating profusely - I wanted to call Hazel but couldn't. Although to be perfectly honest there is not much anyone can do to help. I remained in this predicament for what seemed an eternity was was now feeling very cold due to my sweat drenched clothes. The nausea had eased a little so I crawled back to the office, taking a bucket with me and managed to get myself onto the settee. This movement again caused me to be sick. I remained in this semi conscious shivering state until I heard Hazel at he front door seeing off her friend. I tried calling but this brought on the inevitable sickness - eventually she heard me.

Hazel called the doctor for advice and went to pick up a prescription - I stayed put not moving my head until the symptoms eased.


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