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Monday, May 04, 2009




DaddyNoBucks 12:02 am  

I love your work - the way you light your subjects is inspiring

Kimberley 1:04 am  

Incredible, Alan. The shadows hold me here.

M Coleman 1:32 am  

Another example of creating a great aura - the atmosphere is stark and compelling!

Mari 2:13 am  

What a great shot!

Michelle 4:03 am  

Love the lighting.

Eric Dustrude 5:44 am  

Nice framing and color!

Did you light it yourself? Two flashes?

We have some of those over hear, but the phone is no longer part of it.

Hotter Than... 6:48 am  

This is great. Where is it? I take it that's it's not it's original location.

Alan 10:31 am  

Thanks for your comments.

Eric - yes I used two flashes, one inside the box pointing up bouncing off the ceiling (a bit hot) and the other camera right.

Hotter than... this was taken just off Dover seafront and is the original location.. as far as I know.

Misola 4:07 pm  

Wow, what a great picture!!

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