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Saturday, May 30, 2009




M Coleman 11:46 pm  

Wonderful color and contrast - wow!

Mari 1:33 am  

Neat shot. I like the fingerprint!

DaddyNoBucks 3:26 am  

great color contrast, how did you light it?

Alan 7:53 am  

This was lit with am old sigma flash that does a high speed pulse, like a strobe. We had been trying to use it to light bouncing ball. The ball shots were not good so this was plan B. As I clicked the shutter my daughter held the test button on the flash - very manual synch!

Hotter Than... 8:29 am  

This is fab. Such contrastong colours. The print is a great detail.

Lance C 2:20 pm  

Love the contrast. What did you set the subject on? glass and black paper?

Alan 4:10 pm  

Lance - it was just shiny black cardboard.

Michelle 12:43 am  

What a fantastic shot.

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