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Thursday, May 14, 2009



The wedding rehearsal the other night has been worrying me. The room where the ceremony takes place is a converted barn, very impressive architecturally but not good for lighting. There was very little natural light and no white surfaces to bounce my flash off. I contacted a local wedding photographer David Fenwick to ask how he coped. He told me that he used fast glass and shot at 1600 and also had to compensate the exposure continually. My current D50 is a fantastic camera but is very noisy at anything above 400 iso so Thomas and I decided to invest in a new camera between us. The D90 arrived today and first impressions are very positive although there hasn't been much chance to play. If you are interested in wedding photography have a look at David's blog for lots of useful advise.


Sara G 2:43 am  

WOW.....new toy?
Cool photo.

Lance C 3:32 am  

have you tried out the video part of this camera yet?

Langleyt 6:39 am  

@ Lance C

I'm Alan's son, the video function is really cool on the D90, only played with it though but being able to video with the nice depth of field you get with the 50mm f/1.8 is really good. The quality's not bad though it's quite noisy at the high ISO.

Hotter Than... 6:41 am  

Hope the wedding goes well. Enjoy the new toy.

Tim D. 6:42 pm  

Congratulations on your new arrival. Very striking photo of the package too! Hope the wedding goes well.

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