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Sunday, May 31, 2009



An ex-workmate and great friend of mine was setting off with his wife on a cruise leaving from the Dover cruise Terminal. We popped down to see them off but there were few photo opportunities. The ship looked very impressive but sadly my picture doesn't really do it justice.

I have to say that just being that close to the ship made me feel queezy - I was glad to get to the safe sanctuary of the pub beer garden. Bon Voyage!!


Mari 9:41 pm  

It does look impressive. I'm sure they'll have fun, but I'm with you. I like my feet on solid ground.

Michelle 12:43 am  

Oh, it looks very impressive.

Tim D. 3:28 am  

Yeah I think the pub sounds like a good place too! Looks like a beautiful day for a cruise though!

Hotter Than... 6:55 am  

Medicinal beer?! Good plan. Great photo though - you've done a great job - and it's nice to see you enjoyed some of the glorious weather.

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