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Tuesday, January 19, 2010



A throwaway today, this was taken whilst taking Thomas out for some driving practice tonight.


M Coleman 12:46 am  

Effectively dizzying! Throw-aways are kind of like 'bloopers' - there's something to learn from them, but sometimes they offer a life of their own! :)

DaddyNoBucks 1:50 am  

More practice, more practice...driving on two wheels is illegal unless it's a motorcycle..LOL.

Mari 2:54 am  

Not a throwaway - this is a neat shot!

Si 1:42 pm  

I love the camera angle, works so well.


Oz Girl 12:18 am  

A throwaway?! I rather like it! The camera angle, the night shot. It's great!

Michael Oshins 4:23 am  

Very effective tilt! Makes me want to turn my head like I'm about to eat a taco.

Michael Oshins 4:24 am  

One man's trash is another man's treasure. This shot makes me want to tilt my head like I'm about to eat a taco. Very effective!

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