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Sunday, January 31, 2010



I think doing this 365 project for a second year might not have been such a good move. I don't feel I am putting my heart and soul into it....

For anyone interested I put the camera on a tripod on a long exposure manually focused on the chair. I then used a torch to light the chair then sat down and shone the light on bits of my body and face.


Mari 12:23 am  

I'm having a harder time this year too. It's hard to keep coming up with pictures but I do appreciate the ones you post. This looks like a ghost shot!

lucy 12:38 am  

great technique! i tried to get my daughter to do fun things with a flashlight for me to shoot, but she wasn't having any of it.

being only a month in to my first 365, i can see that the thought of a second year might be tiresome. i'm enjoying following your work, though! looks heartfelt and soulful to me.

DaddyNoBucks 2:04 am  

Another outstanding product from the master. It reminds me of doing double exposure shots with film cameras.

I understand the struggle of year 2 as I'm soon approaching the decision point. I admire your work, its packed full of skill and creativity.

Sarah Vinall 6:35 pm  

..This leave you piecing all the bits together in your mind....why? what? etc.. its great and very cleverly done too!

Laura 4:56 pm  

This is awesome!!
I've asked all my friends for word prompts and ideas for mini-projects this year to help keep me inspired...

solveig 11:39 pm  

What an awesome photo! I've never seen this technique before. I'm only one month into my first project but I am still learning. I really like your photos, they are so unique!

Hotter Than... 10:14 am  

That is incredible!

If it helps I think your images just get better and better. It makes me a bit scared if I ever do 365 again.

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