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Thursday, January 21, 2010



I have not had a good evening. I couldn't get the Macbook to connect to my camera via USB. After accusing my son of messing something up he pointed out that I had the USB cable plugged into the power jack :-S I did feel stupid!

Today's picture is of Hannah's textiles homework - she is very artistic!


lucy 12:23 am  

omg -- i used to have pictures of twiggy that i cut from magazines taped to my bedroom wall in the 60s. and wore clothes like these. time flies. :)

Si 11:15 am  

doh, lol. I love the artwork and the photograph.


Sarah Vinall 9:29 pm  

Great work Hannah...it looks like an album cover from the 60's!! Oh...and of course, nice snap Alan!

Michelle 11:24 pm  

LOL! Thanks for the great chuckle.

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