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Sunday, July 12, 2009



Children are getting brighter, exams are getting harder, education constantly improves... so how come mine can't work this out?


Mari 11:34 pm  

Yes - this is a world wide problem! Pretty funny!

Anonymous 12:35 am  

I thought this was only ignored in the man's world! lol Have never heard a man complain about the lack of TP before. You must be one of a kind. :D

Nice shot for a very sticky subject.

Michelle 6:48 pm  

LOL! You got me!

Eric Dustrude 8:46 pm  

If you solve, I'd like to know how.

Nice shot too...

Hotter Than... 11:33 pm  

How many kids does it take to change a loo roll? ;)

Oz Girl 10:10 pm  

Priceless. Great photo and profound comment to go along with it. Loved it!

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