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Thursday, June 04, 2009



Back it up - back it up!! Every hard drive will fail - advise I've given out on many occasions. Sadly my laptop drive died today, what's worse is my son had been using it for his school research project. The drive is in the freezer overnight - hopefully we can recover the data tomorrow. I don't feel very optimistic :-(


Tim D. 11:11 pm  

Oh man I feel your pain. That happened to me in 2006 - Lost all my iPhoto Library for that year. Luckily I had other stuff backed up elsewhere, but my photos... well I kept meaning to back them up, just never quite made it. I hope you have better luck retrieving you stuff!

M Coleman 11:50 pm  

Such a bummer...I didn't know that extreme cold temps increases the likelihood of 'rescue'!? Sending positive thoughts!

Mari 1:10 am  

Bummer! We have an older computer with my pictures on it and I'm afraid that's going to happen, but I can't get the pictures to download onto anything! I may already have lost them. Good luck with the rescue!

Alan 8:55 am  

thanks everyone!

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