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Thursday, June 25, 2009



Once again approaching midnight I find myself desperately looking for something new to photograph. If you analysed people doing the 365 project I think you could glean lots of interesting information about the individuals. For me, the fact that I normally leave my picture to the last minute is reflective of most things that I do. I always complete the task but it is pretty much to the wire. I am going to try and set myself an earlier deadline to remove some of the end of the day stress but know I won't stick to it as it's not a 'real' target...

Also, if you look at the books in the rather poor picture you will see that I am not good at throwing things away. Ho hum, anyone know a good therapist!!


Hotter Than... 6:47 am  

The first step to getting help is admitting you have a problem. Well done you!

I'm a bit last minute.com - maybe it shows that we're never really satisfied with what we've done. We always feel we can do better.

Laura 6:09 pm  

I completely understand the last-minute issue as well. In fact, I believe I also have a recent shot of books from wandering around the house late...

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