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Monday, June 08, 2009



Zero marks for artistic impression today but for fellow camera geeks these were taken in almost darkness at ISO 3200.

When I started this project one of my aims was to take more pictures of people. I had grand plans of taking one portrait a week of local characters but of course the venture was never more than an idea. One of the people I planned to photograph was an old chap who lived in the old peoples home across the road from me. When I took my dogs for a walk he was often sat on the bench under the trees with his old black lab. He would normally try to have a chat with me and 'the lads' as he referred to my dogs but I normally didn't have time.

This evening I noticed that many of the windows in the home are boarded up - it appears the place has been closed down. I don't know what has happened to the residents or where they have been moved to but feel a bit sad and stupid that I was unaware it was happening. I had heard rumours but didn't realise it was imminent. I am also not over keen on such a big building being left empty - I hate to think what is planned for it.


Mari 10:10 pm  

I'm impressed you took these in the dark - wow! Sad about the building though.

Oz Girl 11:38 pm  

How very sad, about the residents and the building.

I am, however, impressed that you took these photos in darkness - well done! I would have never guessed.

Hotter Than... 8:12 pm  

That's really sad, and a reminder that sometimes just taking a little time out can change someone's day.

Fantastic shot though. Go the geeks!

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