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Thursday, June 18, 2009




Mari 12:12 am  

Great shot!

DaddyNoBucks 1:44 am  

Delicious, I can almost taste it.

Eric Dustrude 3:55 am  

I know where to look when I'm fresh out of ideas...

Kim 4:09 am  

The steam is amazing!

Hotter Than... 8:43 am  

Ooooo. I've been trying for ages to get a shot like this and failing miserably. Help!

Alan 9:51 am  

Hotter than... you need to cheat. I used an insence stick to create the 'steam' then you need a torch or something to light the smoke from the side. A bit a black cardboard helps as a background.

Tim D. 6:35 am  

Mmmmmmm! Looks delicious! Nice shot. And nice cheating too - I didn't notice until I saw your comment.

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