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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

English Weather Day 2

Tuesday 07 August 2007 English Weather Day 2 We decided last night that if the weather was not good we would go to Villefrance De Conflent – a walled town the earliest parts built in 1092. As you have now guessed the weather was not brilliant so we set off to Villefranche. The drive, about 40 miles, pretty much follows the course of the River Tet out through Perpignan and into the Pyrenees. I mention the River Tet as the river reaches the sea very close to our site, the site in fact is a triangular shape bordered by the River Tet and the Med. On arrival at Villefranche it was still raining but being well prepared Brits we donned kagouls and put up our umbrellas, much to the dismay of Mrs L who really does not like the ‘pac-a-mac’ look. As I said earlier they started building this town in 1092 – hopefully when they finish it they will include some toilets. The lack of public conveniences is more noticeable because everywhere you look there is running water, mountain streams, open rainwater drainage… get the picture? Fortunately the rain stopped giving us the opportunity to try out some of the specialities on offer at the bakery. Apricot tart, aniseed bread and some strange concoction that was like a cross between pancakes and a dohnuts. Very nice but in culinary terms the French have a lot to learn – Bramley apple pie, Rhubarb crumble and Gypsy tart. I rest my case. On the way back we stopped at a roadside stall and bought a tray of fresh peaches for 5 Euros. The good news is that it appears to have stopped raining.

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