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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sleepless in Canet

Thursday 09 August 2007 A sleepless night for me – got up at around 04:00 and read then decided to go down to the beach with my camera. Sunrise happened at around 06:45 and was pretty spectacular – as soon as the first rays appeared the heat was amazing. I walked back along the river which was as calm as a mill pond, saw some fish jumping – not sure what type but they looked pretty big. Later it was all off to the beach for the day taking with us our newly acquired windbreak – one of those fancy ones that looks like half a tent. In reality it was about as much use as half a tent or though I am reliably informed that the wind got up to 18MPH today. Concerned about the sleep problem so have decicded to self medicate. There is a wine shop on site that will fill any receptacle with the wine of your choice. I took three empty 1.5L water bottles and got them filled up with the local Rose – all for under 10 Euros.


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