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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Market traders

Monday 13 August 2007 We had our first day at the pool today. It is really nice but gets very busy it is also a bit of a sun trap. As you enter the pool area there are signs with lists of rules. The difference here is the rules are enforced any slight misdemeanor and you are escorted out of the pool area. As a parent this enforcement is quite reassuring although it must be tedious for some of the youngsters. We witnessed a group of lads messing around at the pool side; one of the lifeguards went over and said something to them. They then picked him up and threw him in – needless to say they were all shown the exit!! In the evening we ventured into Canet Town, catching the little ferry across the harbour. Along the seafront they have a nightly market – similar to tourist markets the world over. Loads of dodgy dealers, selling cheap crap rubbish to tourists with holiday money burning holes in their pockets. We of course did not get sucked in at all, we purchased only quality items from the more reputable, ‘arty’ stalls!!


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