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Sunday, August 12, 2007

It’s a dogs life….

Sunday 12 August 2007 Last night’s entertainment was pretty much as expected. It was a Reggae band or should have been but appeared to have been through the Euro filter – resulting in Euro Reggae. Not to be recommended, amazing how they take a good tune a good beat and turn it into utter dirge. A nice morning again so we headed off to the beach. The French fascination with their dogs amazes me. Today we witnessed a family carefully put their little pet into a rubber dinghy so the kids could take it for a little cruise. They then dropped the poor little mutt, still attached to its lead, into the sea for a little swim. On arrival back at the shore ‘Papa’ carried it to shore passing it to ‘Mama’ who was waiting with a towel to dry and cuddle the poor thing! If the salt water left it feeling dirty – no problem we have an onsite Dog Shower!


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