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Sunday, January 11, 2009

011/365 Table for two?

Who could have predicted the proliferation of American style coffee shops - the likes of Starcrooks and Costa-lotta? They are everywhere you look, from motorway services to book shops. Perhaps I am old and grumpy but I don't really get it. You queue up to order and pay, then queue to get your drinks - if you are within five miles of home it would be quicker to pop back and make yourself a cuppa! And what do you get - frothy, yucky, overpriced muck. I mean why would you want syrup in you coffee for god's sake. Never fear though, you can have a calorific time bomb of a muffin or even a paninni. Give me a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich any day. Our culture is sliding out of control heading for globalised non-descript, faceless, characterless monotony. My picture reflects the eternal optimism of these coffee outlets. For the past few days the temperature has struggled to get passed freezing and these numpties have rows of chairs and tables outside - unbelievable.

You may have guessed that I have been shopping today - well I walked around behind the two ladies in my life, if that counts.


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