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Wednesday, January 21, 2009



I got the old trumpet out today, under the misconception that I might still be able to play it. I got a note out of it but it wasn't promising. The dogs, well Marley in particular was not impressed. I think he hates it - he howls, not sure if he is trying to sing along or is in pain. The saying in band circles was always - if you can't play it, clean it - or invest in a set of expensive mouthpieces. Well I am not going to do either of those because even more of the lacquer would come off and my problem goes way beyond mouthpiece choice. So, the only useful thing I could do was take a picture and to keep with the musical theme I laid it flat and kept the focus sharp...aaahhh - I need to get out more.


Kimberley 1:54 am  

A beautiful picture. Very sharp and very clean. Love it!

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