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Thursday, January 22, 2009

022/365 Heads or tails


When it gets to 21:30 and you haven't taken your daily photo it is not good. I don't really like still life so thought I would try moving-still life, or that was the idea. The simple plan was to set the camera to bulb, spin the coin and manually fire the off camera flash multiple times to capture the different angles of the spinning coin. Oh... and this had to happen in a darkened room. It quickly became apparent that two hands were not enough - one brain was struggling with the co-ordination too. First I enlisted the help of Hazel, then when it became obvious that neither of us could spin a coin so we had to request Hannah's assistance. The result is a work in progress - we will have another go when time is on our side.


Kimberley 12:36 am  

I love the photo...I hate the pressure of producing too!

Alan 9:19 am  

Thanks Kimberley - I suppose the pressure is part of the 'fun'.

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