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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

013/365 Go Away

013/365 Go away

I've noticed how differently we communicate with the kids. There are times when we phone them to turn down their music because it is easier than hollering up the stairs. On occasion we even chat on messenger whilst all in the same house. I even send them nagging emails now - see today's below.

Dear Child A number of things need to happen before you make any further plans..

1. Thank you letters, emails or calls need to be done ASAP - they cannot be put off any longer. Please advise when complete.

2. Bedrooms need sorting - and keeping tidy.

3. Dogs - you both need to walk one of the dogs at least once a week. If you don't they will hate you and think you are horrible nasty children and might eat you as well. No lifts or other niceties will be forthcoming from us (your parents) until you comply.


So today's picture is reluctant model Thomas having his hair cut - the picture has been processed with Poladroid as mentioned before


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