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Saturday, January 24, 2009



My beautiful daughter Hannah, (fortunately she gets her looks from her mum) in a rare co-operative moment. Possibly because she needed the services of Dad's taxi. If I'd had more time I would have put the flash outside of the window which would have given a much nicer light. The only problem is I have mislaid my flash gels and Marley (the dog) attacks my light stand if it is outside.

This wasn't my intended picture for the day but once it was 'in the bag' it seemed a shame to take anything else.


Kimberley 3:01 am  

She is a beautiful girl. How would the light have been different had the flash been outside?

Alan 6:12 am  

As it is the picture is lit from camera left by off-camera flash. If the light was outside the vertical blinds would have acted like diffusers and there would have been more shadow on her face.

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