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Saturday, February 14, 2009


045/365 Valentines day, so a shot of the obligatory roses. This does seem a bit girlie but I did quickly take it during 'half time' of the Rugby. Sadly, England lost..... Set-up. Camera right, small 'ebay' soft box on SB600, set to low power just to light rose. Back, Cobra flash - very low power, in a cardboard box with holes punched in it to make to make the out of focus 'bokeh'. Aperture wide open, to give the nice circles and shutter 1/500 to kill any ambient light giving the black background.


Christina 12:43 am  

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tim D. 7:51 pm  

Nice. Great exposure and DOF! Love your comment too! LOL

Kimberley 3:47 am  

You didn't give the set up...and I need the set up!!!!

Beautiful image. Love the dots of light!

Happy Valentines day, belated. Hope it was wonderful.

Sorry for England.

Alan 7:14 am  

Thanks for your comments. I have added the set up info to the original post.

Eric Dustrude 5:43 pm  

That's a nice photo - looks like more thought and time went into it than half-time might allow. How'd you get to 1/500th with flash? What camera are you using?

Alan 8:07 pm  

Eric - it seriously was a lucky 5 minute job. The cardboard box is set up and ready to go any time I need a bit of DIY bokeh!!

I use a Nikon D50 which syncs to 500 and beyond. One of the main reasons I've never upgraded, excellent for killing ambient. I use cheap ebay triggers which are a bit fiddly but great when they work.

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