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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

048/365 Bamboo

048/365 bamboo

Bamboo is taking over our garden, in years to come it will have taken over the village - in decades it will be visible from the moon. Anyway, my wife planted it and she likes it. I like taking shots of it against the blue summer sky but as we don't have one of those at the moment so I had to improvise with the infamous cardboard box background.
Set-up. Camera right, small 'ebay' soft box on SB600, set to low power as main light. Back, Cobra flash - low power and green gelled, in a cardboard box with holes punched in it to make to make the out of focus 'bokeh' . Gridded Sigma (optical slave) with blue gel on the background. Aperture wide open, and shutter 1/500 to kill the ambient light.


Sara G 7:35 pm  

All of your photo's are just wonderful!! I am doing a picture a day for a year too.
Take care and keep up the great photography!!

Lance C 1:33 pm  

I love the light coming through. The compositon of the shot is nicely croped!!!
I too am doing a photo a day :) Only took 3 shot yesteday....busy busy buys....

Oz Girl 7:36 pm  

Your photos are awesome; you are truly taking the time to become a top-notch "amateur" photographer. Keep up the great work! :)

Kim 10:26 pm  

This is a lovely, super-sharp image. Great that you were able to capture it before it captures you! ;-)

Tim D. 6:43 am  

You went to a lot of trouble it sounds like and it paid off! Great shot! I like the bokeh!

Kimberley 4:04 am  

Thanks for the set up...but it made me want to quit!!! Arghhhh...will I ever learn?

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