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Monday, February 02, 2009

033/365 Cartoon Dogs

More snow this morning and all trains from the south into London were canceled. It is a sad fact that we cannot cope with extremes of weather in this country - a couple of inches of snow and everything grinds to a halt, two days of sun and the papers will publish the 'Phew what a scorcher' headline. The children were sent home from school just before lunch so Thomas and I took the dogs for a quick walk. Most of the pictures I took were rubbish but I really like this one - I love the movement and the cartoon look of the dogs.


Kimberley 11:05 am  

Looks as though they weren't impeded by the snow! Nice shot!

Teri 7:23 pm  

Fun shot, are they labs? I have three.

Alan 9:06 pm  

Kimberley - thanks, they loved the snow.

Teri - Yes thay are labs, one 6 months the other 4 years old. You are brave having three!!

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