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Friday, February 27, 2009

058/365 Nice Pear

058/365 Nice Pear Once again time is not on my side..... Set-up. Pear stood on a sheet of black craft foam which is curved up behind. Main light is a gridded SB600 camera left. Background is a gridded cobra with two yellow gels. Aperture f11 to try and keep the background in focus.


M Coleman 12:19 am  

Impressive! Like a piece of art - love the golden hues contrasted with the black!

Mari 12:46 am  

I wouldn't think to take a picture of a pear - but it turned out great!

Kimberley 2:16 pm  

Mmmmm, makes me want to take a bite! No set up?

Alan 7:50 am  

Thanks eveyrone - set up now added :-)

Tim D. 5:20 am  

Very cool! It's so simple, but a very powerful image.

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