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Thursday, February 26, 2009

057/365 Guilty

057/365 Guilty
Sadly no time for anything creative or artistic today. I did however get the opportunity for some crime scene photography - there is little doubt who is guilty although the evidence is circumstantial. Ironically, tonight was the dogs first visit to obedience classes - we did sit, stay etc. but didn't learn the, 'don't dig the plants up!' command. Oh well there's always next week....


Mari 10:22 pm  

What a cute picture!

M Coleman 1:45 am  

Adorable face and expression! :)

Sara G 3:01 am  

Uh Oh....BUSTED!!
Cute pic...Cute doggie.

Kimberley 2:15 pm  

Naughty, Marley! :)

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