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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

056/365 Skittles

056/365 Skittles I really can't take any credit for this, I saw the technique in Digital SLR magazine. I changed the set-up slightly, the sweets are in a glass bowl with cling-film tightly stretched over the opening. If you had a nice piece of glass and more time you could achieve a much cleaner effect. I carefully dripped water onto the cling-film and used a flash bounced of some white craft foam to light the scene. I used manual focus to get the droplets as sharp as possible.


Hazel 7:00 pm  

You are showing off now...lol...Great Picture Al, eating the props as i type..xxx

Laura 8:38 pm  

Wow...that's really cool. Well done. It also inspires some ideas...and makes me hungry. :)

Eric Dustrude 10:00 pm  

On the credit issue, I can't say. Regardless, the result is wonderful and the focus spot on.

Kimberley 11:47 pm  

That is stunningly glorious and made me smile hard...which I desperately needed today.

What a picture...don't discount your artistic eye and ability. You are WAY to humble!

Kimberley 11:48 pm  

I feel compelled to add, that this one evoked strong emotion--almost as much as the barbed wire image--which is still my favorite. But this is a close second!!!!

Mari 12:10 am  

Wow - what a cool shot and you gave us a little lesson too!

Oz Girl 12:41 am  

WOW. Regardless of where you got the idea, you pulled it off. Fantastic, love it.

Tim D. 1:11 am  

Way cool! Got me inspired and thinking!! Thanks!

Chica 1:57 pm  

Awesome! I happen to know a guy who does something like this online. He's really good at it. He's made a couple of tutorials too..

water drop tutorial:

Macro water drop tutorial:


Kim 3:15 pm  

What a creative technique! Who thinks these things up? You did a great job on this. I really like your work.

Lance C 3:05 pm  

Awesome shot!!!!

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