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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

091/365 Post Processing

088/365 Post Processing A quick picture taken one handed whilst holding the leads of the two dogs in the other hand. Not that I am making excuses but my feeble attempt was saved with a little bit of post processing. As an aside, I've noticed that I am now taking the majority of my shots in portrait aspect because they fit better on the blog.


susanvg 2:44 am  

I love the way you have made something as common as a postbox seem important. Seeing what I didn't see before. I'll have to learn more about post processing and leave you this post.

Hotter Than... 8:49 am  

I love it. The colour and texture is brilliant. Nice picture.

M Coleman 10:10 am  

Nice! Interesting that you mention the portrait setting - I accidentally used that once, but went back and will have to experiment more...

Alan 10:37 am  

Marie - what I meant was that I take more pictures in Portrait orientation rather than the more traditional landscape.

susanvg 8:18 pm  

I discovered that there are some stretch templates which don't cut off the landscape setting. I have just changed my template so the photos don't get cut off.

Alan 6:27 am  

Susan - thanks for the template information. I will change mine over soon but I need to edit the HTML in some of the posts to add line breaks as the text starts next to the pictures.

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