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Sunday, April 12, 2009



Nothing to do with the picture.....
Easter Sunday started off much like any other morning with the ritual dog walk. On arrival at the recreation ground I did my normal visual checks to ensure there were no little dogs around for Marley to terrorise or children with footballs. In the distance I could see some 'friendly' dog owners so I let the dogs off lead. Marley headed across the field to meet his chums but quickly changed course and headed for the pavilion, I noticed with dismay someone sat on the steps repairing a remote control helicopter. Marley saw someone new to play with!! It was only a matter of seconds before he had got hold of the helicopter's battery pack and was bounding around encouraging the owner to take chase. I ran across the field and was advised to recover said object from dogs mouth. I politely explained that although this seemed a good idea in reality it was not that easy. I did manage to recover the battery pack but not in time to save it. This little incident cost me £50.....


M Coleman 10:16 am  

They say, "All things must come to an end..."

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